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Our CPAP Checkup rids your CPAP device of mold, bacteria, viruses and even insects. Yep, insects.

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All those CPAP cleaners on the market? They’re only doing half the job.

That’s because they’re designed to clean your mask, tubing and water chamber, not your CPAP machine. All that stuff you’re trying to keep out of your mask can be found hiding inside your device too – mold, bacteria, viruses and even insects. Our CPAP Checkup is like an annual physical for your CPAP device:

Revitalize | We open up your CPAP machine (don’t try this at home!) and do a deep internal cleaning.

Replenish | We replace the filter and airtight seals to ensure peak performance.

Recertify | We conduct a thorough quality test, check for malfunctions and update it with the latest manufacturer firmware. If we find any problems, we’ll send you a no-obligation estimate for repair.

CPAP Models We Accept

Philips Respironics ResMed
System One Series AirSense 10
DreamStation AirCurve 10


" I never knew mold could get inside my CPAP. I sent my CPAP to Repair Authority and got it back completely disinfected and cleaned. Thanks Repair Authority! "

How the Process Works


Complete internal and external cleaning and disinfection
Replacement of all filters and airtight seals
Testing and certification with update to manufacturers’ firmware
2-3 business day turnaround


The Repair Authority Difference

30 Years of Experience

Three decades of industry experience ensures your machine is in qualified hands.

750,000 Units Repaired

With more than 750,000 medical devices repaired, we’ve seen it all.

Fast and Efficient Turnaround

Fast and efficient turnaround, and we’ll even include your return shipping for FREE.

Hassle-Free Experience

Simply send your machine to us and we’ll take care of the rest.


Fast and free estimates for repairs.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our team understands the importance of your health.

30 Years of Repair Experience

Leading home medical equipment providers and patients alike trust Repair Authority for CPAP repairs. Repair Authority is authorized to provide quality repairs for Philips Respironics and ResMed devices.