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Medical Equipment Repair Specialists for 30 Years

Experiencing an issue with your CPAP or other respiratory equipment? Repair Authority can help!

We have provided experience, reliability and affordability to HME dealers for 30 years.

About Repair Authority

For 30 years, Repair Authority has distinguished itself as one of the leading home medical equipment (HME) repair companies in the nation. Repair Authority has serviced hundreds of thousands of units including concentrators, liquid oxygen equipment, CPAPs and more.

We’re raising the standards for professionalism, experience and quality of customer service across the industry, and changing the way patients, dealers and manufacturers look at the equipment repair industry.

Repair Authority is always seeking ways to innovate in making equipment repair as efficient, affordable and reliable as it can be. ln addition to continuing to serve the traditional home medical equipment (HME) care delivery model, we’re also increasingly serving patients directly, many of whom have had few options for repairs of equipment they own.