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Dealer Forms

Repair Authority strives to make the repair process fast and simple. Please click on the appropriate form below. We will guide you through the process for these, but should you have any questions please reach out to our team for assistance.

Select a Form Below to Begin:

Dealer CPAP Traveler Repair Form

Step 1

Fill out the form below and press ‘Generate & Print Repair Form’ to create a .PDF with your information.

Step 2

Print out the .PDF file containing equipment repair information.

Step 3

Attach the printed .PDF to the CPAP to ensure all information stays with the appropriate device.

  • Generate & Print the Equipment Repair Form

    Please fill out the form below and include it in the package when you send us your equipment.

  • Customer Information

  • Ship to Address

    Please fill these forms out if the ship to address is different from above.
  • Device Information

  • Peripherals (Optional)

  • PLEASE READ: If a device is sent in with patient supplies (mask, tubing, etc.), for patient safety those items will be discarded on arrival.

New Customer Application

Step 1

Fill out the form below with all the required information along with relevant optional information.

Step 2

Click ‘Submit Information’ to provide Repair Authority with your completed forms (and uploaded documents).

New Business Credit Application

Step 1

Click the ‘Download Application’ button below to download a .PDF form.

Step 2

Print and fill out the form with all the required information.

Step 3

Scan the form and email it to: or fax it to: 866-691-1302.