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Referral Incentive for Repairs:

A Hands Off Approach to Servicing Patients

April 9, 2019


Recently, Repair Authority introduced its new CPAP Repair Program, providing HME dealers the opportunity to service patients with their CPAP repair needs. In this program, HME dealers facilitate patient repairs by coordinating directly with Repair Authority. While many dealers like this approach, many don’t have the staffing capacity to facilitate the repair process. That’s where option #2 of the CPAP Repair Program comes to light!

The Referral option for this program gives dealers the opportunity to provide solutions for their patients, all while earning additional revenue. It’s as simple as handing the patient a card with your personalized referral code!

Here’s How it Works:

1) Provide your patient in need of a repair with a referral card (we’ll supply these for you). Or, you can provide a code to the patient over the phone .

2) Next, the patient contacts Repair Authority with the referral code and we work directly with the patient to handle the evaluation, repair, and shipping. For every patient approved repair you earn a referral bonus at the end of each quarter.

It’s that simple!

No need to turn away patients or send them to the manufacturer. We’ll expedite the process for the patient, so they aren’t left waiting!

Have Questions? Visit for more information or contact our customer service team at or by phone at 888-828-1872.

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