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About Repair Authority

Repair Authority, formerly The Repair Center (TRC), has been servicing the home medical equipment (HME) industry since 1990. With combined experience and expertise, Repair Authority is raising the bar and setting the standard for repair service.

The Repair Center (TRC) was founded in a tiny single-car garage in Columbia Station, Ohio providing onsite service and repair. After TRC had grown out of the single-car garage and, later, a two-car garage, the growing company desperately needed room to expand, moving into a warehouse in North Royalton, Ohio.

As TRC continued to grow, the company transitioned from onsite repairs to inhouse repairs at TRC Headquarters, where it also became an authorized warranty center for the industry’s leading manufacturers.

A final move brought TRC to its current facility in Strongsville, Ohio, where it accommodates 22,000 square feet and a fleet of vehicles servicing Ohio, New York , Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania and receives ship-in equipment from across the United States.

In 2015, TRC was acquired by Jesse Keirn, Dan Meyer and Jason Ziebro, who combined, bring more than a half-century of experience in the home medical equipment industry.

A name change to Repair Authority was implemented in 2017 to reflect the deep expertise that the company offers to patients, dealers and manufacturers.

What Repair Authority Offers Today

For over 25 years, Repair Authority has distinguished itself as one of the leading home medical equipment (HME) repair companies in the nation.

We’re raising the standards for professionalism, experience and quality of customer service, and changing the way patients, dealers and manufacturers look at the equipment repair industry.

What Sets Us Apart?

Experience: After over 25 years in business, Repair Authority has serviced hundreds of thousands of units including concentrators, liquid oxygen equipment, CPAPs, ventilators and more.

Reliability: We exceed industry averages in repair reliability, ensuring you get your equipment back in clean, like-new condition, repaired with only top-quality parts.

Accurate Tracking: Using technology, we keep careful records of the service history of every unit. Reporting includes past diagnoses, the parts repaired or replaced and the cost of each prior service.

Quick Turnaround: Patients can’t be without their equipment. Dealers lose revenue every day a unit is out of commission. We diagnose your equipment as soon as it arrives at our facility, and average a three-day turnaround until it’s on its way back to you.

Affordability: Dealers benefit from savings in labor and parts expenses by choosing an outside repair center instead of maintaining an in-house repair department.

Looking to the Future

Repair Authority is always seeking ways to innovate in making equipment repair as efficient, affordable and reliable as it can be. With healthcare increasingly being shifted toward the home and patients expecting to live independently as long as possible, Repair Authority is responding to these and other trends in the industry.

ln addition to continuing to serve the traditional home medical equipment (HME) care delivery model, we’re also increasingly serving patients directly, many of whom have had few options for repairs of equipment they own. We’re also continuously expanding our geographic reach to respond to consolidation and the need for consistent service among multi-location dealers.

Repair Authority’s expertise and reliability are redefining the way that home medical equipment (HME) is repaired and serviced, now and for the future.